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The TIME Trial™ Network

Tempus is partnering with a growing network of over 40 research experienced institutions, reaching 1,700 oncologists with its TIME Trial Network. All Institutions in the network must pass Tempus’ rigorous qualification requirements for rapid activation and investigational-trial readiness.

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In addition to classifying alterations and recommending drugs accordingly, our platform offers:



Tempus pre-screens patients in the Network by utilizing proprietary state-of-the-art sequencing technology and clinical data structuring and abstraction pipelines to identify patients matching inclusion and exclusion criteria. Tempus integrates with sites’ EMR systems to abstract relevant molecular and clinical data, yielding high quality data that is used to match patients to the best treatment options in available clinical trials.


Our database indicates whether a patient may be a good candidate for immunotherapy by showing expression levels of immune cell biomarkers, using results from RNA sequencing and/or IHC staining and comparing these metrics to other patients with the same disease type. In addition, we offer a full array of immune profiling, including infiltration analysis, HLA typing, and neo-antigen prediction.



Tempus’ TIME Trial Technology Platform provides operational efficiency and leverage in the onboarding and site activation process, enabling physicians in the TIME network to include a portfolio of unopened clinical trials as treatment options for their patients. The TIME platform leverages a pre-packaged clinical trial agreement and rate card, a central IRB, a proprietary Document Hub, and a team of dedicated Tempus research liaisons to ensure patients are able to quickly commence therapy and sponsors are able to accelerate trial enrollment.

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